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  • Pump Efficiency Testing

The pump test includes flow measurement, pumping water level, and discharge pressure. The input horsepower is measured on engine powered installations with an industrial torque measuring drive shaft. Electric installations are measured with a digital kilowatt meter.

  • Pump Repair & Installation

Our service technicians are equipped to diagnose problems in the field. We maintain a complete inventory of all major brands of turbine and submersible pumps.

  • Well Treatment & Cleaning

Sonar-Jet cleaning will clean your well and restore lost production. Proven in over 40 years of successful service, Sonar-Jet is scientifically engineered to reopen plugged perforations and wash deep into water bearing formations.

  • Complete Machine Shop Facilities

Sargent offers complete repair capabilities involving lineshaft turbine, submersible, and deep well pumping equipment.

  • Pump Design & Engineering Services

System requirements change over the years. Sargent’s pump design program can be used for both new and existing irrigation systems. Variables such as power source, sprinkler type, flow, pressure and pipe size are all considered when designing your pump.

  • Test Hole & Test Well Drilling

Test hole / well drilling is the beginning process of finding a successful irrigation well.

  • Down-Hole Video Surveys

With video well inspection, the camera survey pinpoints damaged casing, infiltration obstructions, breaks, encrustation, corrosion, and holes that may cause serious problems with your wells pumping capability.

  • Production Well Drilling
Irrigation wells are cased with plastic, heavy gauge steel or stainless steel casing. Unlike straight rotary drilling, we use the reverse circulation process which prevents plugging of the formation by withdrawing cuttings and drilling mud out of the hole. All wells are then test pumped to develop and maximize pumping potential of the well.




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